Puppy Application

Here is a list of items to review prior to filling out the application.

  • Pet price: $2500
  • Breeding price: $5000  

You will be signing a Spay/Neuter Contract.  If you plan on breeding, then I will have you filling out another form.  Visitation with appointments.  $250 is the deposit to put you in line to pick your puppy.  The deposit is paid via ZELLE.  The deposit also goes towards the total cost (Pet: $2250 after deposit; Breeding rights: $4750 after deposit).  * $35 fee for any returned check item.  Placement on puppy list goes by when your deposit was placed.  If your deposit was first, you get first pick and so on.

When the puppies turn 5 weeks old, I will look at the deposits and contact you according to when you placed the deposit and you can pick your puppy via visiting or pictures and videos.

At 8 weeks, puppies will be ready to go home.  There is a $25/day after 8 weeks of age charge if you are picking the puppy up after 8 weeks of age.

Final payment at pickup: Pet: $2250 ($2500 – $250); Breeding rights: $4750 ($5000 – $250) can be paid with CASH or ZELLE ONLY.  I PREFER ZELLE THOUGH.

Puppies will come with a blanket with mother’s scent on it and a vaccination record.  I also have on my website www.luvadoodlez.com a list of items you might want to purchase for the puppy and it will have things you might need as far as the puppy rearing goes.  I also highly recommend the supplements that are advertised on my website (NuVet).  I also work with some very good online dog training services.  Please let me know if you’d like more information. 

PawTree is what I feed my dogs and the puppies will be fed that too.  I have information on that as well that I can give you if you would like more information.