Guardian Home Contract

Pay the $800 deposit for the puppy. This will be returned (for female) after 6th litter of pups or when she turns 5 years old whichever comes first. (For male) After he is 9 years old or can not reproduce any more due to health problems. Both male and females retiring age is all up to Hamrick’s Luv A Cavapoo/Luv A Goldendoodle. ▪ Keep dog in a fenced yard. ▪ Notify breeder of vet visits, vaccines, and heat cycles through text or phone call. ▪ Take dog to positive obedience classes. ▪ Live less than an hour from our location or provide transportation of dog to our home. If location is further, it must be agreed upon by Hamrick’s Luv A Doodlez. ▪ Can provide routine professional grooming, vet care, monthly heartworm meds, and flee meds. ▪ Be flexibility when breeder needs access to the dog for ‘dates (can deliver the dog to us or meet ½) ▪ Agree not to breed this dog. ▪ Safeguard female dogs against other intact male dogs and male against intact females. ▪ Agrees to make sure the dog gets daily exercise especially if family works outside the home and dog is crated. ▪ Guardian will be kept on PawTree while in the Guardian program. ▪ Purchase pet insurance (around $25 per month) and NuVet Supplements every 3-4 months.
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