Cavapoo Program

This is something I have wanted to do since I was a child.  I grew up with dogs and wanted to spend my life with them ever since.  Now, I am living out my dream and loving every minute of it.

We are located in eastern NC.  As of right now, I will not have any more F1 Cavapoos
until the female Cavalier I have is old enough to breed which will be sometime around
September 2022 (and possibly earlier).

The F1 and F1b Cavapoo puppies are $2500 each.  There is a $250 deposit which goes towards the total and puts you in line to pick a puppy.  After you pick your puppy (at age 5 weeks), the deposit is no longer refundable.  The puppies are socialized from the time they are born.  From the moment the puppies are born, I spend time with them daily, cuddling them and working with them.  I have also been known to sing to them at night to settle them.  When they are older, I also expose them to a piano by playing it in front of them and putting their paws on the keys to get them to hit a note.  They have been exposed to other noises (ie vacuum cleaner and hair dryer).  I also provide Veterinary reports for the puppies and I also provide pictures and updates on puppies to everyone that has put a deposit down.

I use doTERRA Essential Oils and have found a few of them to be ok to use with dogs and puppies  I use Serenity in a difusser at night and it really seems to calm them down.

I am currently looking into flying with the puppy to your location if you live further away and can’t come get the puppy.  I do have a fee, but like I said I am still working on this.  Please let me know if you are interested in that and I will be glad to talk to you about it.  Also, if you live closer to me but still need me to meet you halfway, I can do that as well.  There is also a small fee for that.  Let me know if you are interested or have any questions about that.  Thanks!

If you are wanting a puppy that has been brought up in a loving home and socialized with children, then please send in your deposit and give me your e-mail address and I’ll send you the Puppy Application and Agreement.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you would like to see more updated photos of the puppies please check out my Facebook page Luv A Cavapoo (but just starting to get everything changed to Luv A Doodlez which is a new Facebook page).